How does COMET accommodate for a mixture or multiple cover crops on a single field?


We are looking to expand this feature of the tool, making more mixtures available for the users. For now, there are several common cover crops and combinations of cover crops that can be used. COMET-Farm is only able to model one crop or a combination of cover crops at a time, and a maximum of 3 crops per year, including cover crops. Ensure that the crops do not overlap in dates. If cover crops are inter-seeded with cash crops, you will have to select the day after harvest of the cash crop as the planting for the cover crop. Users can also select cash crops and modify the management to represent a cover crop. 

If you are using a mixture of cover crops that does not appear on the drop down for combinations, then use the closest related mixture. For example, if your mixture is crimson clover, barley, tillage radish,  then use rye-legume-radish, a close relative.