Does COMET store data input by users?

Data entered by a user is only stored IF that user has a registered COMET account. In that case, management entered into a project will only be stored for use by that user and is saved to their account. If a user has a question about their project, the COMET support team can only access their project if the login credentials are shared, if a screen sharing video conference session is held, or the user is able to reach a report and export the project to the COMET support team. 

Is my information safe?

You may use COMET-Farm in one of two ways – as a registered or unregistered user. Regardless of the method you choose, the USDA will not use, share, or view your information. You are the only person who is able to see your information.

Registered Users

Data stored for later use

Registering allows you to store your management information safely and securely, so that you may later return to update your information or try other management scenarios. The USDA will not use, share, or view your information; nor will any other user of the tool. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.

Unregistered Users

Data purged immediately after use

Although registering allows you to conveniently store and later retrieve your management information, we recognize that not all users feel comfortable with this. You may continue without registering and the information you enter during this session will be purged and not stored permanently. If you change your mind at any time during your session, simply click on the Register link at the top right of the application and we will store any information previously entered.