The COMET-Farm API is accessible for all registered COMET users for up to 50 model runs per day (what is a model run?). The COMET-Farm API is currently only available for the Cropland, Pasture, Range, Orchard/Vineyard accounting activity. The COMET-Farm API accesses the same methods, models, and assumptions that the COMET-Farm GUI uses, so we highly recommend all API users attend a COMET-Farm GUI cropland training that users can register for ahead of time HERE.

If you are interested in running the API for more than 50 model runs per day, please review the GitLab Repository for API Documentation and then reach out to the COMET-Team (either through this widget or via email at for a price schedule and increasing your model run limits. 

If you would like to just utilize the 50 free model runs per day, please review the documentation in the GitLab Repository linked above and upload XML input files to the: COMET API Upload Page.

Please reach out if you have additional API-related questions.