Scenario: Your neighbor's cattle seasonally graze your pasture, but are not housed on you property.


  1. Make sure you have selected the Animal Agriculture Accounting Module on the tool page. 
  2. Select the animal category: dairy lactating, dairy heifer replacements, beef steer stocker, etc...
  3. If you are accounting for your cattle AND your neighbors cattle who are in the same animal category but managed differently, you will need to enter them as separate herds. For more information on how COMET defines a herd, please see this solution article.
    1. Ex: You have dairy heifer replacements AND your neighbor has dairy heifer replacements. On the number of herds pane for dairy heifer replacements, you should have two herds: yours & your neighbors. 
  4. For your neighbor's cattle herd on the animal details page, indicate how many cattle per month are in the pasture (on your fields).
  5. Enter the rest of the animal details for this herd by selecting next at the bottom.
  6. Repeat steps 4-5 for any other herds/animal categories.