Follow the small square with an arrow to view the attached document outlining each data entry of the animal ag (swine) accounting activity step-by-step. 

The COMET-Team has also developed a data entry collection spreadsheet to visualize all parameters included in COMET-Farm Animal Agriculture activity. This is available as a Google Sheet (linked) OR the excel version (attached).

This spreadsheet is intended for only organizational purposes of the parameters used in COMET. If you intend to use the Google Sheets version:

  1. The link will force you to make a copy where it will then live in your Google Drive account and will be your own personal version; We at the COMET-Team, (or anyone else) will not have access unless that document is shared by you.
  2. Refrain from downloading the Sheets version as an excel file as all of the drop down selections will be disabled 
  3. If you are set on downloading as an excel file: 
    1. start with the excel version that is attached for cropland OR
    2. download after all parameters are added
  4. You can use offline if you modify the settings in your Google Drive

*Either version (excel or google sheets) cannot be uploaded to COMET-Farm and serves solely as a way to organize inputs and/or view all parameters on one page.

There are also versions of this document for animal ag (dairy), animal ag (beef), and croplands. 

For step-by-step guidance on animal ag (swine) projects, click HERE.